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6 Hybrid Cloud Providers Compared

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Choosing a hybrid cloud provider is arguably more difficult than evaluating private or public cloud offerings. To make things a bit easier, here’s how the top six hybrid cloud providers compare.
Deciding on a hybrid cloud provider has additional challenges over a public or private cloud offering. When you are looking at a private or public cloud you compare features and functionality based on one environment. However, with a hybrid cloud you have to look at the solution provided in both your environment and what is external to your environment. Having transparency between internal and external resources does not require the performance to be a mirrored as the hybrid cloud should be viewed as an extension of the internal resources. However security, SLAs and management should come as close to mirroring your internal environment as possible. Last time we looked at the major purchasing considerations for enterprises choosing a hybrid cloud solution; today we compare the top six options whe…

Bitnami Launchpad For VMware Brings One-Click Deployment To vCloud Air

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Bitnami and VMware have announced the Bitnami Launchpad for VMware vCloud Air. Bitnami Launchpad is designed to make it easy for developers and system administrators to deploy application and development stacks by providing an easy to use GUI and a library of over 100 pre-configured applications. “We are excited to be working with Bitnami to bring one-click application and developer stacks deployment to vCloud Air OnDemand,” said Michael Cincinatus, senior director, Product Management, Cloud Services, VMware. “With the Bitnami Launchpad for VMware vCloud Air, users can begin running their applications in a hybrid cloud that is fully compatible with their on-premises infrastructure in almost no time.” Bitnami applications and stacks include over 100 of the most in-demand open source development environments such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. All Bitnami stacks are pre-configured and optimized to allow IT organizations to extend their infrastructure to the public cloud. Bitnami custom…

Shadow IT: How To Detect And Mitigate Cloud Security Risks

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Here’s how to identify shadow IT, find the root cause and provide a secure alternative to users to prevent data loss and security breaches. There is no shortage of stories in the business press today about the dark and dangerous world of shadow IT where bad guys are stealing corporate data from employees’ personal cloud applications or by hacking into someone’s cell phone or email account. And while this is indeed a real problem, shadow IT can also be much more mundane, albeit just as serious. For a simple explanation of how shadow IT works, one need look no further than Walt Disney’s 1940 animated film Fantasia. In the famous symphonic number where Mickey Mouse plays The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Mickey keeps destroying dancing brooms, which simply multiply. In the information security world, one need only replace the brooms with data. When the data multiplies, it simply expands to other locations on the network, be those locations authorized for the data or not.
The recent debate over the…

LogicWorks For AWS Releases Cloud Patrol Automation And Security Solution

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LogicWorks For AWS Releases Cloud Patrol Automation And Security Solution LogicWorks has announced a new solution to augment its managed cloud services with automation and security tools. Cloud Patrol, released today for LogicWorks and Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers, aims to bridge the gaps between developers, operations and security roles. LogicWorks is a member of the AWS Premier Partner Network, with competencies as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) as well as DevOps, Healthcare, Marketing and Commerce. Managed cloud services from Logicworks include providing strategies and assessments to see where you are now and help with developing a roadmap to get you into the cloud. Cloud Patrol has two core components to its service: automation and security. The Cloud Patrol automation solution provides DevOps tooling to use and a central management portal for delivering services. The Cloud Patrol security solution enables the security team with operations and automated tests. By building out…

The rise of cloud culture: A sign of further maturation?

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The rise of cloud culture: A sign of further maturation? The idea that IT leaders and their teams should pay attention to broader issues outside of their direct remit has been on the agenda of many businesses for years. IT should play a much greater role, it has been argued, than its traditional speciality of ‘keeping the technology lights on’. But for many, the scope to achieve greater levels of integration has been limited, not least by the need to control IT investment and drive down costs. Now, the rapid adoption of cloud is driving a change in how organisations see IT supporting their business as a whole. A year ago, this meant the emergence of ‘cloud people’, where organisations were increasingly shaping their IT teams with cloud front of mind. At the time, that was an emerging concept, yet just a year later we are seeing the growth of a broader ‘cloud culture’, whose influence is going far beyond tech teams and right into the boardroom. ‘Cloud people’ are here
Cloud, in its many fo…

CloudBolt Launches New Platform Features To Simplify Multi-Cloud Enterprise Environments

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CloudBolt Software announced upgrades to its cloud delivery platform, which aims to simplify administrative tasks in multi-cloud environments. Upgraded features include self-service and task automation services as well as deeper integration with cloud platform providers. By offering a layer of abstraction between the cloud services and the management platform, CloudBolt can act as an intermediary on your behalf. This can simplify the management of the infrastructure, especially in situations where multiple cloud platforms are being leveraged. Cloudbolt integrates into VMware and Citrix virtualization platforms as well as cloud services from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and OpenStack. It also integrates into popular configuration management platforms Chef and Puppet. This doesn’t only manage upstream connections to the cloud, it also provides some management options downstream to the resource consumers. By leveraging your existing cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) resources, you can …

IndependenceIT And nGenx Team Up To Bring GoldMine To The Cloud

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IndependenceIT and nGenx are teaming up to bring Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software GoldMine to the cloud. In what looks to be a win for all three parties, GoldMine will get an update to its delivery platform from an off-the-shelf independent software vendor to a cloud-based subscription model.

IndependenceIT provides a desktop as a service (DaaS) platform built on top of the Google Compute Engine. By leveraging this solution, GoldMine can get its software delivered seamlessly to customers, giving them the opportunity to modernize licensing to a subscription model. nGenx delivers its “Bring Your Own Cloud” solution to GoldMine, updating the code to perform within a cloud environment. By using the nGenx nFinity Workspace, GoldMine was able to work with cloud experts in delivering its product. We got a chance to talk to JD Helms, president of nGenx, about this latest news to find out more about “cloudifying” an application. nGenx works directly with their customers to update an…